About Us
Due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation, we have stopped taking any new orders and shipments that are in transit may get delayed too.
We are ensuring compliance with government guidelines, and working to ensure everyone's safety.
We will keep you posted about any update on this.
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About Us

We are Karnival, by The Better India. Our mission is to make sustainability a mainstream way of life, accessible to everyone. We believe it is an imperative, not a choice; because there is no Planet B.

A movement

At its heart, Karnival is about you, about our communities and about the planet. We are using the power of content, technology and commerce to create a large scale positive impact. It is a movement to create a culture of conscious consumption. To empower creators, rural artisans and marginalized communities across the country. It is a belief that equitable human development and environmental protection are interdependent, and indivisible.

Thoughtfully curated

We curate everything on this platform. We get into the why’s and how’s to convince ourselves, before we offer it to you. Every single product has been tested by us, on ourselves. With every partner who’s on-boarded, we ensure that one or more of these goals are met:  

  • They create eco-friendly, sustainable or biodegradable products that don’t harm the environment.
  • They promote up-cycling, reuse and recycling, or make eco-friendly alternatives for daily use products.
  • They create amazing organic, natural products that are chemical and preservative free, and made in ways that are safe for the environment.
  • They give a direct income to village artisans or members of marginalized communities.
  • They support traditional Indian arts and crafts.
  • They are created by organizations that support people with disability.

Many of our partners are first-time sellers online, and your support will give them a much-needed leg-up to improve and expand their trade and bring their craft into the mainstream.

Always open

We also realize that sometimes, we may not know all the answers. With new studies and emerging points of view, the idea of sustainability keeps evolving constantly. However, we will always be open for a conversation around it to enrich ourselves, and our consumers with more information and deeper insights.

If you want to share your thoughts with us, write on shop@karnival.com