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Sustainable packaging

Here’s a confession. We would love to do a lot more on packaging of products you buy on this platform. But it isn’t nearly enough, and we have miles to go. The use of synthetic polymers like plastic, thermocol, and other non-biodegradable materials in packaging, and no efficient way of handling disposal for recycling is a problem we are acutely aware of.   Challenges While there’s a lot of ongoing innovation to create sustainable packaging solutions, there are many questions that remain. It is a challenge for the entire industry. And especially for us, because our sellers are tiny enterprises,...

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Find your zen with the best yoga accessories out there! 😇

health wellness yoga yoga mats

It’s no secret that there are many physical and mental benefits associated with yoga. Whether you practise to relax and reduce stress, lose weight, improve flexibility or challenge your muscles in a new way, squeezing in that workout is a great way to unwind and enjoy some 'you' time. Yoga is one of the simplest workouts out there - all you need is your body to get into the flow. But, having the right yoga gear and accessories can help elevate your practice to the next level.
We've picked our favourite 6 products that you are sure to love, whether you're an advanced practitioner or just getting introduced to the world of asanas.
From apparel to mats, these favourites are guaranteed to help you flow like a pro!

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Father's Day gifts for dads who like to build, tinker and fix! 🔧🔩🔨

Father’s Day has come a long way. But many dads are still fixers and builders at heart. They are happiest when working with their hands, tinkering away at a pet project or researching their next DIY. Unless you share your dad's hobby, finding him the perfect gift might seem challenging. That's why this Father's Day, we're making gifting easier with these recommendations that are sure to make your main man smile.

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Off-beat gifts for every kind of dad this Father's Day!

father's day

What do you get a guy who has everything and wants nothing? This year, we've curated a list of thoughtful, green Father's Day gifts. So, whether your dad is a gardener, fitness freak, DIY guy, cook, coffee lover or music lover, these gits are sure to bring a smile to his face.

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Handmade paper from upcycled cloth waste! 🌾🌻

handmade paper stationery

I recently discovered a stash of letters that my grandmother wrote to me when I was a kid.  Her splendid cursive hand had a character unlike any other.  Her letters would have little stories, illustrations and anecdotes, all peppered with her trademark humour and witty one liners.  Many of them would be written on standard blue inland cards. But some, reserved for special occasions like my birthday, would come written on beautiful handmade paper.  Following in her footsteps, I still use handmade paper whenever I want to create an impression with my writing skills.

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