Smart Receipt Technology
  1. QR based Smart Digital Receipts
    When walk-in customers scans the QR, A landing page is shown with
    a. Personalised offers to that customer
    b. In-store unique offer
    c. Feedback link for customers who didn't convert
  2. WhatsApp+ Smart Digital Receipts
    Boost WhatsApp subscription from more than 70% of your customers when you send digital bills through Smart Receipt Technology
  3. Faster Checkouts
    Digital Receipts save the time for customers providing convenience at the tills
  4. Customer Persona
    This provides an opportunity to understand customer data post purchase which can help enriching the personas for personalisation and analytics.
  5. Real-time feedback
    Provides opportunities to engage with customers in real time post purchase for Feedback, Referral
  6. Personalised offerings
    Provides ability to understand customer behaviour to target them
  7. Sustainability
    Helps brands build trust for the sustainability by saving paper
  8. Post-Purchase commerce
    Provides opportunities for cross-sell and up-sell using digital engagement channels
How Pantaloons automated Mission Happiness program with Karnival?
Impactful consumer engagement with features like Store level NPS, Feedback, Surveys, Voting, Polls, Scratch Coupons, Data Enrichment and Email Validation
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