Karma Points

Karma points

Responsible shopping has its perks.

Ever wondered about your shopping footprint? Every purchase you make has an impact on the world around you. And when you shop responsibly, it must count for something.

Introducing Karma Points, your sustainability scorecard. On Karnival, every product has a Karma tag with an associated score, based on its impact on local communities and the environment.

See how we assign Karma Tags

Made from natural sources without any artificial additives.
Designed to be broken down thoroughly after being discarded
Made with ingredients that are free of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, sewage sludge, genetically modified organisms, or ionizing radiations.
Made from earth-friendly ingredients
Village Artisans
Made by rural artisans
Made with traditional designs and local folk arts
Made by hands, or hand processed
Made from recycled materials and can be recycled post use
Upcycled from discarded materials
Small Enterprises
Products made by small enterprises
Women Artisans
Products made by women artisans, helping them achieve economic self-sufficiency.
Made by Disabled
Made by disabled and specially-abled artisans, helping them earn livelihoods
Ethically Sourced
Sourced responsibly and sustainably, ensuring fair treatment to the workers involved.
Does not contain any animal ingredients
Made with new tech innovations
Can be reused, over and over again
Plastic-Free Packaging
Does not contain any plastic or microplastic
Women Entrepreneur
Made by women entrepreneurs
Fair Trade
Production followed fair trade practices
Supports a Charity
Proceeds and production support a charity
Energy Efficient
Reduces the amount of energy required during use
Crafts mark
Craftsmark ® certified, a symbol of quality and craft
Does not harm or kill any animals
Made in India
Homegrown products, made in India

Karma Scorecard

Every product is assigned a Karma Score based on the attributes it has. As you keep shopping, your Karma Points cumulatively give you a Karma Scorecard, quantifying your positive impact on our communities and the planet.

What does it mean for you?

We are working to create a first-of-its kind redemption programme for Karma Points, which will help multiply your impact. Keep shopping on Karnival and collect your Karma Points. And watch this space for more.