Smart Receipt Technology

Add Channel for Marketing With Smart Digital Bills or Receipts;
New channels of marketing and promotional activities are added automatically like WhatsApp, Web Push, Re-marketing Ads through GDN and Facebook

Group enterprises can send a customer from one brand to shop at other brands within a group umbrella, customise offers on the basis of Brand, Customers persona and Store level

Engage with Reward:
Scratch Rewards can be chosen from Karnival allied brands with a campaign like "Shop for Rs 5000 this Diwali and get Rs 5000 vouchers from partner brands"

Displaying the next purchase coupon is Passè,
With Karnival engine now display coupon for a specific item that can be connected to the purchase of the item. Customer can collect the coupon and can be automatically redeemed when he/she shops next time

How to increase profitability with Karnival?

How Gamification will Cheer your customers and earn their Everlasting loyalty?
Real-time customer engagement is crucial to give an enriching customerexperience. Gamification will let you be in your customer’s good books

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