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Here’s a confession. We would love to do a lot more on packaging of products you buy on this platform. But it isn’t nearly enough, and we have miles to go. The use of synthetic polymers like plastic, thermocol, and other non-biodegradable materials in packaging, and no efficient way of handling disposal for recycling is a problem we are acutely aware of.



While there’s a lot of ongoing innovation to create sustainable packaging solutions, there are many questions that remain. It is a challenge for the entire industry. And especially for us, because our sellers are tiny enterprises, who often don’t have the scale to invest on it. They are also spread across far corners of the country, areas where access to suppliers of better packaging alternatives is severely limited. For some product categories, like Food, there are legal guidelines to ensure use of food grade packaging, which may not always be environment friendly. And then there are challenges of logistics, to ensure there is no damage transit.


Our Commitment

The journey towards finding the right eco-friendly packaging solution for every product, that works for every seller, no matter where they are, and at the right cost, is a slow one. But we can promise you that we are working very hard on it. 


Let’s join hands

Meanwhile, we need you to help us find solutions too. If you know of people or organisations who are working in the space of sustainable packaging, or have other ideas on it, we’d love to hear from you. Write to us on shop@thebetterindia.com, or tweet to us with #LeadThePack tagging @thebetterindia.


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