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Due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation, we have stopped taking any new orders and shipments that are in transit may get delayed too.
We are ensuring compliance with government guidelines, and working to ensure everyone's safety.
We will keep you posted about any update on this.
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Sell with us

Products that create a positive impact!

Imagine a world where the economy helped every citizen and the products we use don’t pollute the Earth. We’re looking for merchants who are making things that will make such a world possible! Would you like to be part of this movement?

We’re looking for brands and products that:

SUPPORT LIVELIHOODS : They support the livelihood and well-being of village artisans and members of any marginalized or disadvantaged community.

ARE ECO-FRIENDLY : They are eco-friendly, and sustainable in their production, usage, and disposal.
PROMOTE HEALTH: They promote better health of individuals by being natural and free of lab-chemicals.

MAKE IMPACT: Any products that are used in our daily lives that help us make a positive impact in the world!

Why should you sell with us?


We have been in the impact-creation space for quite some time now. Our reader community is a massive group of motivated do-gooders who want to make a positive impact in their lives and the world around them.


We use a story-based approach to create awareness of products. We are very keen to tell the impact around each product and merchant, so the customer knows exactly what kind of impact they can create.


We are building the largest impact-based ecosystem ever seen, connecting people, communities, and eco-technologists in the country.

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