Smart Receipt Technology

The solution of Digital Bill or Digital Receipts

A digital Bill or Receipt or Invoice is generated as proof of transaction and Issuing is legally mandatory, So it is important that when we go paperless the digital document is

  1. Sent via Flexible delivery channel and delivered to everyone and is available for lifetime
  2. Absolute correct data in the document
  3. Digitally signed and managed by a system that can verify the authenticity of the document as per IT Act and TAX regulations.

Why Smart Receipts instead of Boring Digital Receipts?

Have you ever received a PDF or Image of a bill? You must have wondered what should I do with this digital bill? These digital bills are static and can be edited easily, When web technologies as a platform are used to show an e-receipts whole lot of static elements can become dynamic and personalised. We can draw parallels with the most personalised web interface or mobile app as a reference like Amazon.
Karnival platform has the flexibility to enable dynamic features like:

  1. Referrals & Web pop-ups
  2. Voting, Feedback & Surveys
  3. Coupons & Action based Rewards
  4. Entering their location & DOB
  5. Answering a question
  6. Making a selection
  7. Commenting
  8. Sharing on social media
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