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Benefits of WhatsApp for Business as a Customer Engagement tool:

  1. Over 98% open rates
  2. Messages are read within 5 seconds
  3. Brands have a better recall
  4. Supports Images, Videos & Rich Buttons
  5. Most preferred communication channel
  6. High response rates, better experience

But, How to get more customers to subscribe to WhatsApp as a communication channel?

Let's try to bring in some categories of companies here:

  1. Service Companies: Asks to subscribe to WhatsApp to receive updates on service request raised.
  2. Travel Websites: Asks their customers to subscribe to WhatsApp so that they can receive critical updates in Flight Schedules
  3. E-commerce: Asks converted buyers to subscribe to WhatsApp for receiving order delivery updates

Did you notice a trend here??

Three observations, All three categories of the companies are:

  1. Leveraging Receive Important updates, to exponentially increase their Whatsapp Subscriptions
  2. Using Post-sale engagement to get WhatsApp subscribers
  3. Asking to subscribe at a very critical juncture of the customer journey: Transaction Completed

Now Let's try to brainstorm if we can increase WhatsApp subscription for your company:

  1. Are you sending SMS/Email immediately after the transaction?
  2. Are you sending other important updates through SMS/Email after some time of the transaction?
  3. Do you have a personalised offers repository for your customers?

If your answer is mostly No, then we will have to start doing these activities with Karnival Suite, which provides

  1. Gets Customer opt-in from landing pages of Receipt/Order confirmation (Have 35% higher opt-in rate than legacy opt-in methods)
  2. Manage central database of the Opted Customers
  3. Manage WhatsApp communication from a central Dashboard
  4. Chat bots for your Support and Marketing Activities

If your answer is mostly Yes, then we can immediately start adding WhatsApp subscribers with Karnival Smart Receipts

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